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Arbitration is an alternate dispute resolution procedure.This is a settlement technique in which a thirdparty reviews thecase and imposes adecision, which islegally binding for both sides.Today, Arbitration has become a popular way to identify the root cause of a problem and to build a solution strategy.We assist ourclients with resolution ofdisputes in all areas of general and special practices,including commerce,industry and finance.


Ourhighly qualified & experienced attorney make an effort to prevent disputes by ensuring proper documentation andby tactfully handling the case/disputeetc.The Firm strives to achieve the best commercial results for its clients.

We have extensive experience in diverse types of Banking & Finance transactions and have represented clients on high-profile and complex syndicate lending,structured products,Project Finance,External Commercial Borrowings,and plain vanilla bilateral lending deals.Our scope of work covers the entire spectrum including structuring transactions,drafting term sheets and transactional documents,negotiations,advising on the regulatory framework and related issues.

We advise commercial entities of all sizes-from start-upbusinesses,smalland medium sized business and to the large corporate enterprises throughout India and internationally.Wesupport businesses in a variety of ways. Our experts draft the terms and conditions of business, prepare contract documentation ,advise oncontractual risk, regulatory compliance, give legal advice in contract structuring , post-contract management and administration and identification of claims and resolving disputes.

Our team act for abroad spectrum of clients and have expert knowledge and experience in the drafting of all types, species and sub-species, of commercial contracts, including:

1. Initiating the Property title search and due diligence, provide a full range of legal
research services and solutions and vetting of title documents for mortgages purposes.

2. Civil cases like recovery of dues or auxiliary services towards auction properties
by way of Summary Suits.

3. Handling Legal cases on behalf of the bank in liaison with Bank’s solicitors.
Internal process management and operations management.

4. Conducting domestic arbitration under the Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996 and ICA rules
Rendering mediation services to clients.

5. Execution and challenging enforcement of Arbitral Awards.

6. Advising clients on the appropriate venue of arbitration and choice of procedural and substantive law.
Draft arbitration agreements and clauses.

7. Advising clients on alternative dispute resolution laws and procedure.

We provide professional advice in respect of all legal as well as employer-employee related matters including statutory compliances for various Companies/Establishments.Besides providing the above services from our office on an ongoing basis,we also provide services to update the Managerial Personnel on important amendments in law from time to time through various circulars/notifications. We provide our services to a large number of companies and organization.

Further,we ensure due compliance by carrying out periodic audit of statutory compliances undervarious Employment Laws and evaluating that the existing system followed by the Company is inconsonance with the law,as also advise for improving the same.We also draft pleadings and appear,represent and contest any case/legal matter before Authorities/LabourCourt/Industrial Tribunal/HighCourt /Supreme Court and other statutory forums.

The Firm provides legal services for a whole range of property transactions and services in title investigation , purchase, Sale, Lease & Renting to a large number of developments of real estate companies,individuals and developers of commercial and residential projects.Our team represent clients in connection with acquisitions and dispositions of real estate, real estate/properties in India,the Firm advices on

1. Joint Development

2. Development and promotion of RealEstate

3. Drafting of Lease and Sale Documentatio

Despite major economic and financial reforms,India continues to have a rather complex regulatory framework in place.We provide valuable support,guidance and assistance right from the stage of drafting, filing,and regular follow up till such time that our clients obtain the requisite approvals.The importance of regulatory assessment plays a key role whilst structuring any transaction.