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Analyzing Case

Our group of expert lawyers observe and analyze the case for every possibility of a finest resolution that can be provided in order to get case success.

Research & Investigation

After the observations we carefully render all that is present and give our best for the research so that we can reach a wanted conclusion that we are looking for.

Court of Law Success

And finally after all the process we get to the desired verdict.


Brief Profile and Experience of Partners:

Janardan Prasad having rich experience of about 48 years having practiced as an advocate in District Court, Dhanbad, Jharkhand and was engaged into Arbitration,litigation pertaining to properties and was associated with reputed Law firms and expertise in the areas such as:

1. Initiating the Property title search and due diligence, provide a full range of legal research services and solutions and vetting of title documents for mortgages purposes.
2. Civil cases like recovery of dues or auxiliary services towards auction properties
by way of Summary Suits.
3. Handling Legal cases on behalf of the bank inliais on with Bank’s solicitors.
4. Internal process management and operations management.
5. Conducting domestic arbitration under the Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996 and ICA rules

6. Rendering mediation services to clients.
7. Execution and challenging enforcement of Arbitral Awards.
8. Advising clients on the appropriate venue of arbitration and choice of procedural and substantive law.

9. Draft arbitration agreements and clauses.
10. Advising clients on alternative dispute resolution laws and procedure.


Deepak has attained rich experience of more than 14 years and was associated with a reputed real estate law firm before partnering with this Firm and has expertise in the areas of real estate corporate laws advisory, litigation, commercial matters, arbitration suchas:

  • Commercial needs of the project
  • Sales/Leasing for the projects
  • Projects approvals (pre-construction, construction and post construction)
  • Coordination and liaison with

1. Land authorities for company’s projects, for applications, building plan approvals from the authorities, submission of NOC’s, modifications, permissions, approvals, sanctions etc. and information about new future auction of plots.

2. With local municipal authorities, watersupply board, power distribution authority, ministry of urban development, Central Ground Water authority etc. for the permissions.

3. With local infra structure authorities to integrate the building layout plans in accordance with the overall master plan.

4. With related government bodies to facilitate the maintenance of adjoining areas and enable related infrastructure to be laid in and around the township
in pace with the development of the project.

5. To evaluate and express opinion regarding the project from the view point of land records and land related laws.

6. To scrutinize the land records with relation to prevalent land tenures and evaluate the opinion expressed bylegal retainers.

7. To coordinate with local authorities and government for the clearances of land, power etc for the project.

8. To coordinate with local authorities for rendering assistance for completion of the project and avail supportive infrastructure development.


Neha having rich experience of more than 10 years in the field of public sector Bank as redit Manager looked after project approvals of Real Estate Group Housing Projects, Delhi / NCR and individual hous in gand non C housing credit appraisals.Her total service tenure was engaged with mortgages which included the following desk works:

1. Ensuring compliance to Group companies policies and procedure’s including regulatory requirements.

2. Enduring initiation of recovery action in the existing cases by maintaining proper
liaison with the advocates for filing suits in DRT after timely issuance of Recall Notices and Guarantee invocation Notices to the promoters and guarantors.

3. Resolved all kind of customer complaints (Complaint with bank and Consumer Forum)with 100% resolution.

4. In-depth understanding of all processes and systems connected with Banking industry, knowledge of RBI guidelines and other statutory obligations.

5. Ensuring compliances of legal terms & conditions with respect to real estate group housing projects viz.Amendments in terms of bank documents I.e. Tripartite Agreement or Permission to Mortgage letters etc.

6. Sales / Leasing for the projects.

7. Projects approvals (pre-construction,construction and post construction.

8. Handling cases under matters pertaining to SARFAESI Act 2002,recovery Suits etc.


Kulbhushan Singh Chauhan is also associated with J.N.Kashvi & Co.and having reach experience of about 17 years of practiceas an advocate in Distt. Court,Gurugram . His area of experiences is listed below:

1. Banking Law.
3. High Court
4. State Commission
5. Matters pertaining to SARFAESI Act 2002
6. Civil,Consumer & Criminal matters
7. NN.I.Act
8. Arbitration proceedings
9. Recovery Suits
10. Property search reports,etc.
11. HMA,PLA,LAC,DRO & Other miscellaneous drafting’s.
12. DRT & DART matters


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